Culture takes center stage 

Experience the rich and colourful culture of the Sami, the indigenous people that have lived in Sápmi for millennia, at the 400-year-old Jokkmokk's Market. Every year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world visit the Market in subarctic temperatures to take in the food, art, textiles, and people of Sápmi and Jokkmokk. 


Adventures for every season 

Jokkmokk is situated amidst some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world, where every season offers something at which to marvel. Whether its the dancing of the northern lights in the winter, the taste of fresh blueberries in the summer, hiking one of the four national parks as the leaves change hues in the fall, or skiing in the spring as the sun warms your face and the flowers start to break through the snow, Jokkmokk is sure to take your breath away. 



Personal portraits.

Meet Jimmy Krekula

By Jokkmokk

Jimmy Krekula moved to Jokkmokk for love, but soon found himself running a tattoo shop that attracts customers from Kiruna in the north to Sundsvall in the south. Hear him talk about how he finds both life and business in Jokkmokk. 

Meet Sandra Isaksson

By Jokkmokk

Sandra was born and raised in southern Sweden, but after visiting her family in Jokkmokk she decided that this is where she belongs. Just a week later she went back to Jokkmokk, and has been living here ever since. 

Business ecosystem of Jokkmokk.

Join the most entrepreneurial city in the Swedish Arctic. 

Learn more about why one in five residents of Jokkmokk are involved in some form of business, and how you can connect with this entrepreneurial community. 


Want to take the leap?

Ready to make Jokkmokk your home?  

We’re ready to welcome you with open arms. Read more about the relocation services available to you as you make the move to the heart of the Swedish Arctic. 

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15-Minute City.

You may have heard of the “15-minute city” – the new concept, popularized in Paris, that seeks to make all of life’s essentials accessible only minutes from your doorstep. In the Swedish Arctic, our cities were built around this concept, long before it was popular to do so! We pride ourselves on our sustainable cities, where you can oftentimes walk to your destination faster than you can drive. A life in northern Sweden is a life free of the tedium of long commutes. Our residents get to enjoy incredible career opportunities that are minutes from our schools, mountain biking trails, ski slopes, and beaches. In the Swedish Arctic, we promise you an unmatched quality of life!


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