The City That is Proud to be Different

An ever-evolving city situated in the heart of northern Sweden –with the famous High Coast to the south and the Arctic Circle to the north. The people of Umeå have always done things a bit differently and refuse to settle for the status quo. With a young, highly educated population, Umeå stands apart as a progressive, aware, and gender equal city. We constantly challenge the norm, act for positive change, and never shy away from debate. We know that courage is contagious, come join our quest for positive change!

Where quality of life meets the green revolution

Do we need your talents to fully realize Sweden’s green industrial revolution? Truthfully, yes, we do! But we don’t believe it’s a compromise. What we offer in return is a life in one of the happiest places on earth to live – where working professionals don’t have to choose between a dynamic career and time with their families. In the Swedish Arctic, you get to enjoy the quality of life that Sweden has to offer, in a world-renowned innovative ecosystem that happens to be set amidst the background of the stunning forests, mountains, and endless coastline of northern Sweden.

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Inspiring the curious and creative

Umeå is a place where the creativity of a vibrant city is surrounded by unspoiled nature in all directions. Our city offers incredible gastronomic experiences and world-renowned cultural institutions and festivals. Abounding in creativity, culture, and state-of-the-art research and academic institutions, Umeå welcomes the curious and creative. We offer a work-life-balance and an unmatched interplay between a dynamic urban environment and boundless nature. 

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