Where quality of life meets the green revolution

A picturesque city situated on the northeast coast of Sweden, surrounded by the Baltic sea, vast forests, and endless hiking and ski trails. Luleå is where the green industries of the Swedish Arctic go global via one of the largest ports in the Nordics. And if that's not enough to make you want to visit, it also happens to be surrounded by more than 1300 islands that make up its breathtaking archipelago.


From Seaside to Summit.

Luleå is a dynamic city with a premier university at its heart, the world-renowned LKAB mines to the north, and the green steel revolution on its doorstep, amidst some of the most beautiful nature in the world. 

Whether you want to explore the 1,312 islands of the Luleå archipelago, ski in the midnight sun in the legendary mountains of Riksgränsen, or skate across Sweden’s longest “ice road," the opportunities for adventures are endless!



Personal portraits.

From Japan to Luleå

By Luleå

“We are just like any other family." This is what Mitsuo and Rickard want to convey to others who are gay, especially young people. Something that Mitsuo lacked during his upbringing in Japan. Life in Sweden and Luleå is easier - here, society is more open. 

From England to Luleå

By Luleå

Tom Kearney moved to Luleå from England to study. While here, he met his partner and made Luleå his new home. He enjoys the endless outdoor experiences and what life in this region has to offer. 

From startups to global players. 

Explore the diverse business ecosystem of Luleå. 

Luleå is one of the cities leading northern Sweden's green industrial revolution. The business community in Luleå is driven by a shared passion for this incredible transition, from startups to international powerhouses all playing integral roles. Join the business community in Luleå, where new people and ideas are always welcome! 


Want to take the leap? 

Ready to make Luleå your new home? 

This small city is entering is most exciting phase yet, in its 401 years of existence! Join us as we transition into one of world's most dynamic cities, with the green industrial revolution at its heart. We welcome you and your family, friends, and colleagues to call our city your new home. 

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15-Minute City.

You may have heard of the “15-minute city” – the new concept, popularized in Paris, that seeks to make all of life’s essentials accessible only minutes from your doorstep. In the Swedish Arctic, our cities were built around this concept, long before it was popular to do so! We pride ourselves on our sustainable cities, where you can oftentimes walk to your destination faster than you can drive. A life in northern Sweden is a life free of the tedium of long commutes. Our residents get to enjoy incredible career opportunities that are minutes from our schools, mountain biking trails, ski slopes, and beaches. In the Swedish Arctic, we promise you an unmatched quality of life!


Plan your trip today.  

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