Join us on our journey to decarbonize the impossible!

Just north of the Arctic Circle is a place characterised by a strong community. Here, the primal powers welds together our society, and the natural resources paves way for international entrepreneurship and Sweden’s prosperity. Our greatest asset is the people, who stands well rooted in the region’s unique cultural heritage, with their eyes fixed on an exciting future. Now, we just need the manpower and numbers. We have the eyes of the world on us right now when the mining industry is investing billions in the green industrial revolution, creating hope, pride, and jobs for the future.

Our location and conditions have raised us in a spirit where we always had to go the extra mile. We now benefit greatly from this, as we are building for the future. We invite you to join us in our journey to decarbonize the impossible!  


Where the green revolution meets a natural paradise

The backdrop of the incredible industrial transformation taking place in Gällivare just happens to be some of the most awe-inspiring natural landscapes in all of Europe. With a ski mountain located in the heart of the city, mountain bike trails at its edge, and some of the most beautiful parks in all of Europe in each direction, the choice is yours. Help save the planet during the day, by all means, but promise to join us for a midnight sun ski session when you’re done!  



Personal portrait.

Wilma Lindbäck

Wilma Lindbäck moved from Gällivare to Piteå to become a veterinary, then to China to teach and then back to Gällivare again, where she is now running a sushi restaurant. Her life has taken many twists and turns, but she is glad to finally call Gällivare her home again. 


The business ecosystem of Gällivare. 

Business by day, ski by night!

This can be your everyday life if you join us in Gällivare. We are a city on an unprecedented growth trajectory, that takes it place in northern Sweden's green revolution seriously, but also finds time for an after work ski session!


Want to take the leap?

Ready to make Gällivare your home?

Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal to move your whole life to a completely new city, and in some cases even a completely new country. Let us help make that transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. 

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15-Minute City.

You may have heard of the “15-minute city” – the new concept, popularized in Paris, that seeks to make all of life’s essentials accessible only minutes from your doorstep. In the Swedish Arctic, our cities were built around this concept, long before it was popular to do so! We pride ourselves on our sustainable cities, where you can oftentimes walk to your destination faster than you can drive. A life in northern Sweden is a life free of the tedium of long commutes. Our residents get to enjoy incredible career opportunities that are minutes from our schools, mountain biking trails, ski slopes, and beaches. In the Swedish Arctic, we promise you an unmatched quality of life!


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