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With its strong and undeniable entrepreneurial roots, Skellefteå has created a unique environment where brave innovators inspire each other to achieve successes that continuously amaze the outside world.  We grow through participation in each other's aspirations and creations, curating a culture that encourages entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. In Skellefteå, we help you bring your ideas to life! 


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Skellefteå is an entrepreneurial city abounding in cultural activities, from theatre to hockey to events at the world-renowned Sara Cultural Centre, with outdoors adventures awaiting just outside the city limits. From wild salmon fishing on the Byske River, a relaxing evening at the gorgeous rooftop Vana Spa with mile-wide views of the starry sky, or mountain biking through the winding forest of northern Sweden in one of Scandinavia’s largest bike parks, Skellefteå has something for everyone. 

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